Straight 3 Methods to Earn Gems and Passes in Episode – Choose Your Story


Players of Episode – Choose Your Story need to know every single thing about the game before going to start playing it. They easily have to know that if they play the game by knowing all basic things, then it become easier for the players to go ahead in it.

In the same post, you are going to meet with 3 simple methods by which you easily make progress in Episode – Choose Your Story and also earn currency in both types i.e. passes and gems. Therefore, below are the main 3 methods by which players simply earn currency in good amount and all players should know about the same –

  • Cheats and hacks – Users of the game must know that they simply get gems and passes in it in unlimited amount. They easily get not only currency by cheats and hacks but also rewards in the game.
  • Make use of Facebook – Gamers of the game easily earn a huge amount of currency in both forms. The only thing is that players have to connect the game with their Facebook account to earn everything in it.
  • By completing more stories – It is the best and easiest methods to grab a huge amount of passes, gems and rewards in the game by completing the stories in Episode – Choose Your Story. Also, by the same method players easily make progress in it.

Therefore, via these entire classic and simple methods one should directly grab a sufficient amount of passes, coins and rewards in the game.


Moreover, there are various things which players simply have to know before going to make deal with Episode – Choose Your Story. It includes classic and stunning features in it such as in-app purchases feature, two main types of currency in it, lots of classic stories and many more things also present. Also, the best thing about the game is that players simply make use of Episode Hack in it.

What tips are effective for cracking the password on Instagram?


Millions of internet users are using many kinds of social websites, and Instagram is one of them. Youths are obsessed with it, and they are spending much time for a chat with various peoples.  On the social website, most of the users are unknown for us. Sometimes we are in the relationships, and for that, we want to track our partner’s profile. If you do not have the password of your partner, then you can take advantage of cracking it. For quick operation, many kinds of tools are available like Instagram password cracker. Such is very safe for everyone and give great assistance.

We can also crack own account password in case we forget the password.  It is not easy for everyone and for that we should spend time in different ways.

Use algorithms

Many people are taking help with some unique algorithms, and such are following some legal process. It takes much time, and the users will not get the desired result, but he will get powerful hints for it. The internet is full of various algorithms, and they are not applicable for all type of accounts.

By fake ID

A fake account is one of the most famous ways and in this many users are trapped. Such kinds of profiles are looking like a real one, and experienced users may easily find it is the wrong ID. By making a fake ID, most of the users are sending follow requests, and if you accept, they collect many information’ your account.

Guess differently

Guessing is not much chance for grabbing the password, and it is suitable for only to forget password case.  In which the user can easily guess his account info. Each user has different skills to set it, and you can start with some basic logic.

Cracking tools

Third party tools are also helpful for it, and the internet is full of various free tools. Anyone can easily access such tools for cracking the password. Instagram password cracker is the handiest and free tool, and many users rely on it.




Sophie Rundle – Future Of Film Industry


Sophie Rundle is a female actress who born and rise in the England. She worked in lots of movies as in the theatre. However, the majority of the time she prefer to work in the television series that was really amazing. Sophie has got everyone in the business for lots of reasons. However, she likes to keep everything secrete because she doesn’t like to revel everything in front of the media. The main fact about the Sophie Rundles is that she is still single. Many diehard fans of the Sophie want to check out Sophie Rundle nude and find her personal photos and video on the internet. Here you can collect some more facts about her personal and career.

Body measurement – Height and weight!

Sophie has the average height of 5 feet and 6 inch which is enough for being an actress. However, if we talk about the height of her, then she only has 56 kg weight. No doubt, she has the average body type, and she really maintained her figure. In addition to this, if we talk about her body stats then it is 35-36-35for her bust, waist and the hips respectively. With perfect height and sexist figure, she has performed well in lots of movies and television series. This is the main reason why she likes to do in the movies and theatre as well. You can check out her recent photos and video that she uploaded on Instagram and other social networking accounts.

Net worth

Sophie Rundle is not too much rich, but she is really doing the well job for herself in the film industry. This actress has the net worth of near about $500 thousand. According to other sources she has estimated worth above $1 million. She has earned money by doing lots of role in the movies and other television series as well as also at the on-screen appearances. She always pays attention to her career, and this is the main reason why she barely has time for love.

City of Love Paris – Everything to Know about!

City of Love Paris – Everything to Know about!

Well, simulation based game are always lies at the top among all other categories of the game. In the same category of the game the best is City of Love Paris and its size is almost 60 MB. Ubisoft Entertainment creates the same game and it includes under the category of simulation games. It size is almost 60 MB and also contains in-app purchases in it. Also, the same game contains advertisements in it. In the game, there are various types of challenges, objectives and challenges in it which the gamers have to complete and then earn currency to make good progress in it.

In the game, there are various types of currency present and also with rewards also. In the starting of the game players are provided with game tutorial and they have to make its full use to know everything about the game. One of the main things which the gamers have to know is that they can easily make use of City of Love Paris Hack to get everything. In the game, there are various types of themes present romance, drama and mystery stories present. With the hack option one can easily achieve anything which is present in City of Love Paris.

What about gameplay?

In the game, the gameplay is little bit difficult which the gamers have to learn properly and then make its use to play the game in appropriate manner. Gameplay help the gamers in learning all crucial things about the City of Love Paris and all its controls to know how to play it in appropriate manner. Not only the hack option, but in it players easily make use of cheats in it to get everything they want.

Another good thing is that there are different types of cheats available for different purposes. While playing City of Love Paris one should know that they have to save their energy when playing. It helps them in playing the game in an appropriate manner. Also, the gamers have to earn in-game currency in the game and also the rewards to make good progress in City of Love Paris.

All Tips and Tricks about Dragon City


If you find it hard to make a deal with tips and tricks in Dragon City, then you are absolutely at the right place. It is because here in the post there is all basic and essential information given which help you in playing the same game in an appropriate manner. One of the main things, about which every single individual need to know is that they are provided with almost 100 dragons in it. All the dragons which are available in the game have their own powers, skills, and abilities in it.

Players are provided with a good dragon in the starting of the game and after that gamers have to earn and collect all other dragons in it to make a strong team. The more strong teams of dragons they are having in Dragon City, the easier it becomes for them to win more battles in it. If players win more battles, then they easily earn a good amount of gold as well as diamonds in it.

Tips and tricks

Given below are the main tips and tricks for the players by which they easily play the same game in an appropriate manner.

  • Know about elemental dragons – As Dragon City is filled with lots of crucial dragons in it, so it is necessary for them to know all basic things about them. Some of the most popular elemental dragons are like Dark, Light, Pure and Legend, etc.
  • Four types of dragons in Dragon City – In the game, gamers are provided with four main types, and those are Hybrid dragons, legend, exclusive and rare hybrid. Players are free to choose any one of them accordingly.

These are some good and classic tips or tricks which are present in Dragon City, and about them, every single person should know as to go in an exact direction in Dragon City. Players also have to know how to hack dragon city.