Dragon Nest M – All About Currency

There are 3 main resources in Dragon Nest M, namely, Coins, Diamonds, and Gold. If you want to upgrade your any item, it can be very costly. An interesting fact is that Diamonds are only gained by using your own money. When you open the game any time always click the sign in button and collect the rewards and bonuses from the precious pack section in the top right corner.

Don’t forget to open the game daily because if you miss the opportunity, you can’t get your daily bonuses, and it’s essential to open the once in a day. You can also take gold bonus from the gold chest section. Eventually, if you have some extra DC, you can check your luck to try to gain gold. Other bonuses and rewards you can only receive when you are leveling up the game account.

1. Important Factors for Home – It is very mandatory for players to know all things about home. Many of them think this is boring, but the reality is that it’s very crucial for your character and your DC gains too. If you have extra DC, you can unlock other plots via leveling. If you want to cook, you need to take care of some extra task of your plants. You always must need to cultivate by clicking the associated button correctly

2. Take Some More Reward – There are some factors you keep in mind, if you want to take some more rewards from the game, you can give almost 10 questions correctly answers as well in fast speed and if you do this activity correctly so you can get some extra gold multiplier bonus. The speed limit is a necessary part of the game. But if your all answer corrects you can get at least 60,000 gold or no matter your speed or ranking in the condition