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Fiji Climate

The Fiji climate can be best described as tropical marine due to it's small landmass surrounded by a large warm ocean which keeps the temperature at a fairly consistent 20 - 25 degrees in Winter and 25 - 30 degrees in Summer. Temperatures can vary depending on where you are and in mountainous regions at night, it can be a bit chilly compared to the hot tropical sunshine during the day.

The other major climatic element is rainfall which is governed by the consistent Tradewinds in the region. Since the three largest Islands all have mountain ranges lying North to South across the path of the predominant East/South-East Tradewinds, the windward Eastern sides of these islands always receive plenty of rainfall, have high humidity and   luxurious, green vegetation. The leeward Western sides are usually in the rain shadow of the Mountain ranges and dry grasslands, sunny skies and lower humidity are the norm in places such as Nadi and the Mamanuca group of Islands.(particularly during the Dry season from May to October)

During Summer which is Fiji's Wet season(November to April), thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and variable winds are common and Tropical Cyclones(Hurricanes) can also occur during this period. However, if all you care about is the water temperature, then you can relax as it is always around 24 to 27 degrees celsius - it is just like swimming in a warm bath - they don't call this the Tropics for Nothing!

Always remember "Conserve Fiji today to preserve Fiji for tomorrow."