Everything that you must know about Fiji Island

Everything that you must know about Fiji Island

  1. Cultural Aspects:


Fiji has many cultures mixed into their own cultures ranging from Indo-Fijian, European and Asian cultures. They are very specific about their own rituals and cultures, but they also are influenced by the Indian or the Chinese cultures. With all of that combined together, they have created a multicultural identity. Their culture was widely showcased in front of the world in the World Exposition during 1986.


  1. Food:


The food that the people of the island prefer is very healthy and nutritious. They generally include coconut in all their food items since it is available very easily around the island. Some places in the island also prefer tuber-based diets. Since they have to work very hard most of the time, they need food items that are filling and also provide strength. They also prefer seafood since the fish is readily available in the sea and also other sea items. Since it’s a multicultural island, there are a variety of dishes prepared around the country like Chinese and Indian dishes.


  1. Economy:


The economy of the island is quite fulfilling since it has different resources like forests, seafood resources, and minerals. It was named in the list of most developed economies in Pacific Islands. Fiji also had a wide variety of natural resources ranging from fish, timber, gold, oil, copper and lastly hydropower. Their industries have been a sensation in the field of garments and sugar resources. The GDP has grown in the recent years with the urbanization of the island. The tourism department is also responsible for the up gradation of the economic status of the island.


  1. Travel Areas:


This is a great island for your holidays because of the numerous number of tourist places that it has. The most popular ones are Nadi, Denarau Island, Coral Coast and Mamanuca Island. It also offers you with beautiful coral reefs and scuba diving experiences. The weather is tropical throughout the year which is very pleasing, and the white sand beaches would attract anybody. The hotels and resorts are moderately priced for your stay during the vacation. The island consists of five-star hotels and also low-price hotels in the remote sections. There are many helpful options provided by the residents if you are a first-timer and you are facing issues.

With all this being said, you can now plan your next tour to Fiji with no worries. The island is a beautiful getaway option for every tourist and also for discovering the beauty of Pacific Islands.